New Clinical Procedures for COVID19 Protection During In-Person Treatments

In order to best safeguard everyone’s health in our current climate, we have made several changes to the way that we will conduct our in-person visits at this time. Please review the following safety measures we will be taking before arriving to your next appointment.

COVID19 Symptom Screening:

All clients will be screened for COVID19 symptoms as per the BC COVID19 Self-Assessment Tool upon booking their appointment, by a reminder email 24 hours before their appointment, as well as at the time of their arrival at the clinic.

If the client answers in the affirmative to any of the symptom criteria, they will be asked to reschedule their appointment and referred to their doctor or local respiratory assessment clinic.

Physical Distancing Measures:

Access to the Lotus House will be by appointment only.

At this time the reception area will not be used. Clients will be greeted by their practitioner at the door and welcomed directly to their room.

Appointment times will be suitably spaced to allow for social distancing and no overlap with others in the reception area.

Clients will be encouraged to arrive only 1-2 minutes before their scheduled appointment time and as much as possible come unaccompanied to their appointment.

When possible, please use the washroom at home prior to coming to the clinic.

No water glasses will be available at the clinic. We encourage clients to bring their own water bottles or ask reception for a disposable paper cup.

Personal Protective Equipment:

Upon arrival, all clients will be asked to sanitize their hands. Sanitizer will be located throughout the office for your convenience.

All clients will be asked to wear a mask covering their nose and mouth at this time. Clients are welcome to wear their own mask/face covering; if client does not have a mask their practitioner will provide them with a mask upon arrival.

Practitioners will wear a face mask. They may also wear gloves and protective eye equipment during your treatment.


Treatment times will be limited to one hour in order to follow the CDC guidelines of limiting our client contact time to 15 minutes and allowing you to enjoy a 30 minute acupuncture treatment.

If this allotted time does not feel sufficient to cover the scope of your condition, please email your practitioner ahead of time and make arrangements for a phone conversation or email communication prior to your visit to make sure that your needs are met.

Enhanced Cleaning and Sanitation:

There will be extensive cleaning and disinfecting measures taken daily at the clinic.

Hand sanitizer will be readily available throughout the clinic.

All treatment rooms, therapeutic equipment, hard surfaces, chairs, door knobs, light switches, pharmacy and reception counters will be routinely cleaned and disinfected at the start and end of each day, as well as after every treatment.

All linens, including blankets and pillowcases, are single use only and are laundered using high heat and detergent between each use.

Floors are washed and sanitized daily.


We strongly discourage cash transactions at this time; cheque payment is preferable if cards are not used.

Our point of sale machine at the clinic accepts debit/Visa/Mastercard payment and is programmed to accept tap contactless payment.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we shift in these times and take the above precautionary measures. These steps are required in order to re-open and serve our community in the safest way possible. We welcome your feedback and suggestions, and look forward to seeing you all again.